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Pope is right to hate cap-and-trade, which is akin to the Church selling indulgences

Yale economist William Nordhaus writes as if he wants to address human-induced global warming—euphemistically called “climate change” even by the most ardent environmentalists—but I think he loves what he calls “the market” more than he does the environment. You can

Resignation of Boehner gives Obama opportunity to spread mainstream Big Lie that he & other Democrats are leftwing

In commenting about John Boehner’s resignation from Speaker of the House and Congress, President Obama told the Big Lie in American politics. It’s a lie that virtually all mainstream politicians tell and that’s presented positively by most Democrats and negatively

Statistics show police safer than ever, but it doesn’t stop liars from saying protests lead to more cop killings

A recent National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast put the lie to the Big Lie that protests in the wake of police killings of black citizens in Ferguson, Cleveland, Baltimore, New York and elsewhere have led to a significant uptick in

Someone should turn the Republican debates into a reality series called “Politicians say the stupidest things”

CNN structured the second Republican debate to maximize the amount of time the candidates spent sparring with their opponents, as opposed to stating their position on issues. The moderators were looking for zingers that could serve as sound bites and

The longer GOP candidates debated, the more they agreed with each other, except on Iran & taxes

We won’t know for a few days—and maybe weeks—who won last night’s debate between 11 Republican candidates for president. What we did learn is that they overwhelmingly agree with each other on most issues, including: Build a wall on the

Reevaluating Barack Obama: one of the best presidents since WWII

A few years back, I rated Barack Obama as the sixth best president of the twelve we have had since World War II, behind Johnson, Clinton, Eisenhower, Nixon and Carter, in descending order. At the time, I wrote, “Obama is

Conservative factotum proposes socialist alternative to minimum wage, but it’s socialism for the wealthy

When is a government payment to someone poor really a handout to someone rich? It happens when the government gives money to the working poor because they earn so little that they qualify for food stamps, medical assistance or other

Contrast between “Officer & Gentleman” and “The Brink” demonstrates how middle class income has lagged

Cultural imperatives can transform slowly and subtly without anyone being aware of the change. But sometimes we see something in an old movie or TV show that depicts attitudes or conditions that have changed so much that it makes us

Germany does the right thing for Syrian refugees and for the German economy

On the surface it seems inconsistent that the same country, Germany, that submitted Greece to such harsh punishment is opening its arms so generously to Syrian refugees, agreeing to take as many as 800,000, or one percent of its own

Will Republican lemmings jump off cliff with Ted Cruz & vote to shut down government rather than fund Planned Parenthood?

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz is once again at the forefront of a movement to shut down the federal government by not passing a spending bill as a means to inflict his harsh social vision on the country. And once