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Anyone wondering how much Seattle football coach who prayed at a game will make to be test case for religious right?

Why is it so hard for those who want to defend the rights of Christians to infringe on others to understand that when someone acts as an employee or representative of a public organization, he or she absolutely cannot wear

The TV openings of both World Series and GOP debates overhype events as grandiose & historic battles of titans

Channel surfers exercise their itchy thumbs for three reasons: 1) To see what’s on TV; 2) To avoid commercials; or 3) To watch two things at one time. It was to this last group I belonged last night when I

Corporations, ideologues and craven academics all use grammar and syntax to distort meaning

Civic leaders and large institutions often use language to color or misshape reality, thinking that through the use of words they can turn chicken feathers into chicken salad. Most of the time, their attempts are chicken shit, as the public

Netanyahu reaches a new low in shamelessness in trying to justify the unjustifiable

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sunk to a new low in shamelessness when he said that a Palestinian leader gave Hitler the idea for the final solution which, it is always instructive to recount, involved gassing and incinerating millions of

No Democratic candidate is proposing anything more than quick fixes to a broken system, not even Sanders

Progressives are delighted about the results of the first debate between the declared candidates for the Democratic nomination for president, but they shouldn’t be too happy. Sure, the candidates all expressed concern about income and wealth inequality, all favored paid

Are we finally seeing the limits to gun madness in the United States?

No new gun control laws have been passed recently, but we may finally be seeing the limits of the gun madness that has gripped the country for the past few decades. For a while now, every year has seen Republican

Like Republicans in their 2 debates, the Democrats mostly agreed with each other in their first debate

There can be no doubt that the best moment of the debate between the five Democratic candidates for president came early when ex-Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley verbally slapped around Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on the issue of greater gun controls.

Imagine global politics as a competition of hegemons & Putin’s actions in Syria and Ukraine will seem defensive

Let me start off by saying that Putin’s use of force in the Ukraine and Syria is wrong on several levels. He’s wrong in principle to pursue a military solution, and even if we condoned his use of force, he

Corporations don’t have to break laws as Volkswagen did to manipulate & cheat the public

Volkswagen’s use of manipulative software to conceal that its diesel engines couldn’t pass emissions inspections is far from the first time that a large corporation has broken the law to cheat the public, not even the first time this year.

10 more innocent victims sacrificed to a misreading of the 2nd amendment

As of this writing, the unanswered question is how Chris Harper Mercer obtained the gun he used to kill 10 people at Umpqua Community College. The police easily reconstructed a profile of Mercer, and it’s a chillingly familiar one: Young