Monthly Archives: November 2015

Mainstream media trivializes Paris climate talks by focusing on Obama’s legacy

Have you noticed that most mainstream news media coverage of the climate change summit in France stresses that any agreement will burnish, establish, enhance or cement the legacy of Barack Obama’s presidency? It’s absurd to conjecture that Obama will be

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso perfects the art of lying while telling the truth

Although he has heavy competition from Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz, Donald Trump has recently established himself the king of the Big Lie. Saying that he saw thousands of people in New Jersey cheering

Americans around tables with friends/families in warm homes should give thanks they aren’t refugees

As hundreds of millions of Americans gather with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we should give thanks that we aren’t refugees. Whether praying to a deity or expressing our humanity, we should give thanks that our homes

The worst way to react to the Paris bloodbath is to escalate the war against ISIS

First we react with horror and sympathy. Then anger takes over, perhaps too quickly, and we focus on how we are going to revenge the deaths of innocents and destroy the barbaric enemy who planned and initiated the terrorism. Of

The immigration argument that Rubio ducked shows what’s wrong with presidential debate structure

Both the Associated Press and The New York Times did a solid job of reporting the factual mistakes made by the various Republican candidates for president in the fourth debate. Between the two media outlets, they picked up on the

Evangelicals should protest that Starbucks commercializes Christmas by offering special cups to attract sales

Another skirmish on the culture wars broke out this week as right-wing Christians have flooded the social and mainstream media complaining that the specialty coffee cup into which the part-time, low-paid servers working for multinational Starbucks pour its overpriced brew

If the series of Republican presidential debates is a reality show, then Ben Carson’s version is alternate reality TV

Every day we’re learning more about the fantasy world in which presidential candidate Ben Carson inhabits. Carson believes in a curious hodgepodge of fantasies, discredited myths, false ideas and inaccuracies, all of which he seems to have determined a priori,

In thinking about our troops in Syria, remember Viet Nam and how quickly 50 can become 500,000

I wonder whether the Obama Administration has been watching too many superhero movies. You know, the kind in which a team of three or four superheroes take on armies of the powerful. How else can we account for the administration’s

EHarmony resurrects TV ad that proposes having a threesome with a Christian authority figure

Do Americans want a “Big Brother” figure involved in their intimate relationships? That’s what, one of the largest dating sites in the world, seems to be saying in a commercial that it aired two years ago and recently resurrected