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Many similarities between Donald Trump & Ronald Reagan, with but one difference: Trump’s smile is turned upside down

Like many people who don’t inhabit the alternative universe known as 21st century American conservatism, I have been cogitating a lot about why Donald Trump has sustained his popularity among those who affiliate with the Republican Party. After poring over

I.O.C. will eventually regret decision not to require transgendered athletes to undergo reassignment surgery

There are very few situations in public life in which the differences between males and females matter. In fact, I can only think of four: Only women can bear children. Men are faster and stronger than women, so we segregate

Celebrity culture takes over politics: A reality TV flop endorses a reality TV star for president

That reality television flop Sarah Palin was endorsing reality television star Donald Trump for the office of president of the United States has been known since late August, when Mint Press covered it. The Mint Press story said that in

Mainstream media love illogical articles that blame liberals for the ills created by conservatives

In a self-righteously overwrought article that blames liberals for the lack of gun control laws, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof either makes a classic rhetorical mistake or employs a reliable propaganda trick: stating that just because two things happened

When Ted Cruz insults “New York values,” he insults the totality of human experience

Screw you, Ted Cruz. All personal feelings aside, when Ted Cruz tried to insult Donald Trump by saying he had “New York values,” he misjudged the rest of the country’s current feelings towards the Big Apple, the most visited tourist

When Jane Austen meets zombies, the result is plenty of gore, kitsch and economic anxiety.

As far as I can tell from common usage, a zombie is a former human being whose dead body has been reanimated. Zombies walk around in a stiff stupor and often want to kill and eat humans as their only

End game for Oregon Refuge occupiers is a nation with a few rich folk & mostly poor people

It seems as if the real goal of Ammon Bundy and the other occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is to take permanent possession of government land as an act of armed rebellion. That’s the simplest way to understand

Trump uses fascist technique to tell a Big Lie. Does that make him a fascist?

I was previously reluctant to call Donald Trump a fascist, because he hasn’t overtly called for a dictatorship. It also seems like an ad hominem cheap shot to compare anyone to the Nazis. The Donald’s first television commercial, however, reminds

Some New Year’s resolutions for a better 2016 for America & the world

The cycle of life on Earth that repeats itself every 365 days is part of nature. The idea to count these cycles and to set a date to begin counting each new one is a human invention, as is celebration