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Survey that many women completely shave their pubic hair another sign of the infantilization of American society

I was dismayed to learn that a new study published by JAMA Dermatology, a respected scholarly publication, finds that 62% of a representative sampling of 3,316 American women said they completely remove their pubic hair. I was also shocked, as

NY Times weekend editorial strategies may show subtle misogyny when it comes to presidential politics

The New York Times soiled itself twice this past weekend, on the front page of the Saturday print edition and in the Sunday editorial section. The Saturday front page was more disturbing, because it suggested that the news-gathering operation, which

Trump’s answer to Hillary’s reasoned attacks is a series of Big Lies

You may have missed the thorough verbal whipping Hillary Clinton gave to Donald Trump’s economic ideas and business history this week. The New York Times put it on page A14, although there was a tease for it at the very

Is Trump trying to dump the election? Or is he just one crazy, if lucky, narcissist?

Lately I’ve been wondering if Donald Trump is trying to lose the election. Maybe he started running as a way to burnish his brand, similar to what Ben Carson evidently was doing. What he wanted to do was raise his

Is the “Can you hear me?” guy more famous than Spencer Tracy or Christopher Marlow?

In what many are calling a brilliant marketing coup, Sprint is using the same actor who used to be in the Verizon “Can you hear me now?” commercials, sporting the same goofy black glasses, to talk about how great the

If his life had taken a different turn, Muhammad Ali might have been a Hall of Fame right fielder…and alive

The first time Muhammad Ali—then known as Cassius Clay—beat Sonny Liston to win the heavyweight title later unfairly stripped from him, it was a big media event in the days in which there were many more newspapers, but only three