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Blaming Hillary for her husband’s transgressions is perhaps the single most stupid strategy in political history

One of the classic motifs of female empowerment movies is the woman victimized by a man or men who comes back strong, and either makes herself a success or wreaks vengeance on her former oppressor or both. Think of She-Devil,

Trump replaces “scratch & sniff” with “lie & sniff” in losing both debate and truth contest

I began noticing Donald Trump sniffing about a third of the way through the debate.  He would pause several times in the middle of a run-on sentence and sniff loudly, kind of like a seven-year-old explaining that the dog ate

Charlotte shooting result of mix of two bad ideas: racism and open carry laws

The most recent information coming out about the killing of Keith Lamont Scott by police officers in Charlotte, which led to days of demonstrations and a few unruly rioters, makes me wonder whether the officers involved know North Carolina law.

Issue by issue comparison of 2 candidates: Most progressive program ever v. hodgepodge of rightwing economics & populism

Americans in the 21st century judge their presidential candidates on many parameters: Issues, party, character, demeanor (presidentialness, if I may coin a phrase), trustworthiness and experience. Often how the candidates say what they’ll do is as important as what they

Debate predictions: Media face 3 moments of truth & the “birther” becomes a quitter

The news media would like to cast the upcoming presidential debates as an Armageddon-like battle for the votes—and souls—of Americans, but objectively speaking, it will likely resemble a prize fight between Mohammad Ali at his peak and an out-of-shape, middle-aged

Newsworthy: Quack gives a clean bill of health to conman.  Not newsworthy: HRC talks about real path to citizenship

Mark Twain would have changed the names and turned it into a hilarious short story: A charlatan physician interviews a charlatan businessman about his health. For that’s what we’re talking about in the Mehmet Oz interview of Donald Trump. Oz,

Let’s learn from mistakes made to respond to 9/11: no more torture, racism, stupid wars

The prevailing sentiment over the United States as we commemorated the 15th anniversary of the horrific 9/11 attack has been one of ineffably deep sadness, but of one kind: the sadness of loss. We have felt enormous loss individually and

Hillary hits homers off Lauer’s fastball; Trump pops up slop

If the “Commander in Chief” Forum were a baseball game, moderator Matt Lauer would be an out-of-shape pitcher. His first few innings, against Hillary Clinton, he had a sharp fastball with good control. When Trump came on, Lauer started throwing

How many people voting for Trump have been brainwashed by mainstream news media to dislike Hillary?

Yesterday evening I witnessed something frightening. The masterful jazz trombonist Robin Eubanks was performing at Dizzy’s at Lincoln Center with his big band. In his introduction to a composition titled “Yes We Can—Victory Dance,” he put in a plug for