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Major TV advertiser appeals to alt-right by cleaning up Pepe the Frog + Comey apologists make no sense

It’s bad enough that Stephen Bannon, a major figure of the racist, Nazi-loving alt-right is directing the campaign of a major political candidate. Now it appears that one of the largest advertisers on TV is working a sanitized version of

GOP gives voters who want to break DC deadlock one choice only: Vote straight line Democratic

Official Republican policy over the past eight years has been to delegitimize the presidency of Barack Obama, and it looks as if the GOP is prepared to follow the same strategy in a Hillary Clinton administration. The examples of the

First order of business for President Clinton: Shoot down automated weapons & nuclear weapons modernization

One of the first decisions Hillary Clinton will face as president is whether to continue funding development of automated weapons, which are weapons that think on their own, selecting targets and firing their payload without the intervention of humans once

Unlike everyone at the Al Smith dinner, CNN doesn’t know difference between roast humor and inept insults

It’s interesting how the various news media approach the task of holding up Donald Trump as if he were a boxer who the other fighter has to keep standing for two more rounds to complete the fix. Setting a low

3rd debate score: cool Clinton wins, Wallace wins, Trump stumbles, sniffs & commits sedition

Newscasters and commentators who analyze the candidates’ performance and the public’s reaction immediately after presidential debates typically endeavor to express a unique point of view that gives a special insight to what just occurred. Each pundit wants to shine with

Condemn Cosby but not Trump & you’re racist & New Yorker’s Lepore snidely denigrates Hillary for being smart

The closing month of the 2016 presidential campaign is a tragedy playing out as farce—only unlike Karl Marx’s declaration about history repeating itself “first as tragedy, second as farce”—it’s the first time this degrading drama has occurred. I’m referring to

Another Clinton debate win, not just on words but on look and gesture

When Donald Trump was hovering behind Hillary Clinton while she spoke in the second debate between the two major party candidates for president, what was he thinking? What did he want to do? Did he want to grab her crotch?

Donald Trump and the semiotics of sexual objectification and harassment

In the immediate aftermath of the revelation of a tape showing Donald Trump expressing a demeaning, misogynistic and ultimately controlling view of women, many pundits noted that what he said was not “locker room talk,” stating that Trump’s disgusting ramble

Why was Al Gore a dork when he grimaced in 2000, but not Pence in 2016? Call it the Trump double standard

The CNN poll immediately following the debate between vice presidential candidates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence revealed how the news media’s insistence on covering personalities has distorted the electorate, or at least those who watched the debate. Viewers rated Kaine

A day in the life of the 2016 campaign: I read the news today, Oy Veh!

Contemplating a day in the life of the current American presidential campaign is enough to make a sane person want to blow “his mind out in a car.” You know, the race between a “lucky man who [never] made the