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In one act of self-centered, evil stupidity, Trump becomes the poster boy for both Christian & Islamic terrorists

Stupid. Self-serving. Evil. That’s the answer. The question is: Use three words to describe Donald Trump’s ban of immigrants and refugees from seven primarily Muslim countries (hyphenated words count once). Stupid, because it will not accomplish what it intends to,

Donald Trump is giving us a government of the Kochs, by the Kochs & for the Kochs

Funny how everything seems to always work out well for some people. Take the Koch brothers, David and Charles, who kept a billion dollars in their and their associates’ pockets that they had planned to spend to sway the 2016

Every other democracy in world history would already have dumped Trump

Looking at the video streams and photos of the marches around the country against the Trump Administration was like sex. There are only three kinds, good, better and best. Seriously, I had many favorite photos of the marchers, but my

Best part of inauguration: the sparse crowds. Worst part: Trump’s fascist-inspired speech

There were many moments when I found the imagery and words of the inauguration inspiring, and they were all the same moment: the views of the sparse crowds. The Pence family walking by empty grandstands. The aerial comparisons of the

Our best hope for Trump years is that he does nothing but what he does best: Brand & rebrand

I’ve sat in front of a blank screen for the past hour trying to grapple with the enormity of what has happened: An ignorant, autocratic, erratic, irrational, racist, misogynistic narcissist has assumed the presidency of the United States and with

Trump’s reply to John Lewis comment displays usual Trumpian ignorance of facts and symbols

John Lewis said what a lot of us have been thinking: that Trump is not a legitimate president because of voter suppression laws in a handful of states that broke to Trump by micro-thin margins and decided the results of

When news media changed definition of objectivity, they opened door to ignorance & Trumpism

Once upon a time, the news media defined objectivity as presenting the facts, and just the facts, usually substantiated by at least two reliable sources. Then the right-wing, led by its own sometimes vibrant sometimes moribund cadre of media, hammered

Trump & GOP behave like children on “Take Your Kid to Work” day, focus on “make-busy” work instead of solving problems

There might be some possibility of convincing Donald Trump and the Republicans not to build a wall along the Mexican border if they sincerely felt threatened by an invasion of undocumented immigrants. Once they learned that more of the undocumented