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The commercialization of Halloween has helped further the infantilization of American culture

The day after seeing the first TV commercial for the December holiday gift potlatch seems like an appropriate time to consider the point at which the celebration of Halloween transformed from a secular celebration of a religious holiday to a

Cutting taxes on rich will be as destructive as closing down trolley lines in cities to favor of cars was in 20th century

Slashing taxes on the wealthy and cutting services to children, the poor and the aged. Cutting back on immigration and deporting the 800,000 dreamers. Shaping government policy to promote fossil fuels, while ignoring the role government can play in addressing

Nancy MacLean’s Democracy in Chains fills in blanks in Jane Mayer’s Dark Money narrative

According to the standard leftwing narrative about the current dominance of Republicans on both the state and national levels is that the economic rightwing has contrived a deal with racists and social conservatives (among which groups there is some but

Let’s use the Weinstein moment to fight for laws that end wage gap & support health of women & families

If a woman would gladly watch a high-powered Hollywood executive play with himself, give him a massage or do whatever else Harvey Weinstein fantasized about, that would be between them—two consulting adults. But Harvey Weinstein was not interested in consensual

Trump may be living in the past with his ideas and policies, but they are 100% 21st century GOP

It seems as if the pace of Trump Administration abominations is accelerating. Every day Trump’s soldiers issue another decree that hurts the economy, harms our future potential, endangers our population or curtails the civil rights of a group or all

NYC can become an urban paradise if it raises taxes for mass transit & affordable housing

New York City exemplifies the maxim of the great chess theorist Aron Nimzovich that every strength is also a weakness. In New York’s case, the great strength is the mass transit network, the centerpiece of which is the subway system.

Walking away from Iran treaty is enormous foreign policy mistake. It only helps Saudis & Benjamin Netanyahu

The sheer stupidity of “decertifying” the nuclear—or should I say “antinuclear”—treaty between the United States, five other nations and Iran beggars the imagination. That an ignorant bully with no experience and a history of failure should propose such an idea

Hugh Hefner was a sexist pig—intellectual, liberal, stylish, all true. But nonetheless—a pig!!!

As part of his glorification and ascent to the Valhalla of dead celebrities, Hugh Hefner has received far too much credit for the positive impact he had on American society and far too little condemnation for the negative. True, he