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A Final Reminder: June 6th Zoom Book Launch Party for “The Brothers Silver”

What lies in store for the Silver brothers? Recovery or turmoil?

In this video, I answer the question, “What is The Brothers Silver about?” For more, link to

Jampole’s deep and intense interest in the possibilities inherent in the use of the English language is evident from the very first page,” says Midwest Book Review about “The Brothers Silver”.


Coming from a family that prized athletic competition has made me often explore in fiction and poetry the differences and similarities between winning and losing, in sports and in other human endeavors. One notion that has haunted me is winning

Don’t assume the speaker of a poem is the author. often, it’s someone else; sometimes it’s many voices

One of the most central issues in writing anything is voice, at least for me. When beginning a piece, I always ask myself, who do I want to do the talking in this poem or story? Is it a man