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Prairies Book Review article on The Brothers Silver Calls It “Powerfully Told…. A Soaring and Haunting Tale…”

In the May 29th edition of the Prairies Book Review: The Brothers Silver by Marc Jampole Powerfully told… A soaring and haunting tale. Transcendent and hard-hitting, Jampole’s ambitious literary tale takes readers into meandering lives of two brothers as they try

Violet Snow’s Review of The Brothers Silver Published in The Adirondack Review

Here is Violet Snow’s review of my new novel, The Brothers Silver, that was published a few weeks back in The Adirondack Review: What are the forces that make us who we are? How do siblings grow up in the same environment

Review in Jewish Chronicle: Former Pittsburgher’s Novel of Jewish Brothers Affected by Harrowing Childhood

Dionna Dash’s review of The Brothers Silver in the July 9, 2021 edition of The Jewish Chronicle: “The Brothers Silver,” a tale of two brothers growing up in the wake of intergenerational family trauma, is the haunting and realistic debut novel from

Jennifer Johnson’s review of The Brothers Silver in Vox Populi

A Review of The Brothers Silver by Marc Jampole in the July 9, 2021 edition of  Vox Populi Jennifer Johnson: A Haunting Novel of Childhood Trauma The Brothers Silver takes a hard look at how children who endure growing up in dysfunctional

Multiple Unreliable Narrators: What I Learned from Stevenson and Faulkner

My article from the June 28, 2021 Charlotte Readers Blog: I’ve always been attracted to novels that unfold from several points of view. As a child, the main reason I loved Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island so much was because Stevenson takes


Landis Wade interviews me about my new novel, The Brothers Silver, at the Charlotte Readers Podcast of June 25, 2021.   Buy on Amazon:   Buy at Owl Canyon Press:   Buy on Barnes and Noble:   For

Great review of The Brothers Silver in Jewish Currents

There was a great review of The Brothers Silver by Jewish Currents. Here are some excerpts: The Brothers Silver, the newly published first novel by poet and essayist Marc Jampole, meshes the story of an adult’s struggle to survive childhood trauma with

The Chicago Review of Books Loves The Brothers Silver

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From the Chicago Review of Books

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What lies in store for the Silver brothers? Recovery or turmoil?

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