Danet Case History

Danet, an American unit of Deutsche Telecom, is a systems integrator for telecommunications companies. Danet asked Jampole Communications to develop a program to give it brand name recognition and raise awareness of its service offerings among chief information officers and information technology executives at large telecom companies throughout the United States.

Based on original research that we helped Danet to conduct, we developed a direct mail program meant to give the marketplace a jolt. The strategy was to send a direct mail piece to the target market on a monthly basis, following up each piece with a call from a Danet sales representative. The first piece we sent was an offer of either a free stereo or a free golf club for signing up at the Danet Website. We built on the recognition created by this initial mailing by alternating two types of mailings every four to six weeks:

  • A highly-designed colorful postcard. One side of the card was stunning high tech-imagery; on the other side were a brief solicitation and the Danet mission statement.
  • A one-sheet, two-sided newsletter called “The Danet Report” meant to be an upscale version of a Kiplinger Newsletter. The newsletter provided the telecom executives with hard news about new technologies and trends affecting their software systems.

We supported the campaign by continuing the public relations campaign we had started for Danet a year earlier.

After approximately six months, Danet surveyed the target market and found that the telecom executives now recognized Danet and considered it a viable option for systems integration services.