Community and Governmental Challenges

Selected Situations

  • A builder of a communications tower faces opposition in an upscale suburb of a major metropolitan center.
  • A national education company must build local support for a charter school.
  • A city threatens to take a company’s property under eminent domain to develop a competitor’s facility.
  • A company faces community and employee opposition when it announces consolidation of factories.
  • Plans to relocate a program providing home services to the elderly run into neighborhood opposition.
  • Plans to build a long-term care facility in a city neighborhood encounter community opposition.
  • A major user of a public facility makes a highly publicized complaint about the facility’s food service provider.
  • • Animal rights activists picket the grand opening of a major research facility.
  • Neighbors object to fans that keep a warehouse cool for its employees.
  • OSHA comes down hard on a warehouse for safety issues.