Crisis Communications Services

Jampole Communications provides a broad range of communications counsel and services to support companies facing crises. Typically, an organization will need all these services to plan and address a crisis. On a number of occasions, however, we have offered clients one or a few of these services to meet special situations.

General communications plan
We develop an organizational plan to respond to the crisis. The plan includes analysis of constituencies and scenarios, development of vehicles to reach constituencies, assignment of spokesperson and other responsibilities and timetables for communications.

Message development and Q&A
We create a set of messages that will form the basis of all communications, including generation of a comprehensive set of potential questions by relevant constituencies and answers built around the messages.

Crisis management training
We train corporate communications departments, executives, management at facilities and others in how to identify, react to and manage crises.

Spokesperson and media training
We provide training in techniques to communicate specific messages to employees, the news media and other constituencies.

We conduct and analyze research of key organizations, influentials, political alliances, alliance-building opportunities, ancillary trends, governmental infrastructure, audience fears and assumptions, media spins and coverage, board memberships and other aspects of managing an issue in a community or state.

Media relations
We can handle all interactions with news media during the crisis.

Writing and editorial services
We provide fast turnaround writing, design and editorial services to develop material for employees, vendors, investors, boards of directors, the news media and other constituencies as the crisis unfolds.

Communications counsel during the crisis
We provide senior communications counsel on issues that arise, e.g., false rumors, more bad news, unexpected events, proxy fights or new developments.