Russia & the FBI: strange bedfellows in dirty election tricks

In the last week we’ve learned that a faction of the FBI wants to elect Trump…

That, before deciding to announce he was looking into more emails that may not have anything to do with Hillary Clinton, the Director of the FBI quashed an announcement that Russia may have deep ties to the Trump campaign…

That a Fox News anchor admitted to lying when he said an indictment of Hillary Clinton was imminent…

That the National Enquirer bought a story of a Playboy model who had an affair with Donald Trump while he was married to Melania and then refused to publish it…

That the mainstream news media has completely ignored a rape charge against Donald Trump, the impending trial against Trump University and the whopper Trump told about Clinton’s immigration plans…

That an Ohio judge has ordered the Republican Party and the Trump campaign to cease and desist their voter suppression activities…

For the most part, the mainstream news media ignores the mounting negative news about Donald Trump in favor of features that downplay the enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton or explore the reasons that certain groups like the Donald.

And the polls are tightening, the result of what is no doubt the independent nefarious efforts of the FBI, the Russian government, the Republican Party and the mainstream news media.

We know what each of them wants:

A faction of the FBI, apparently including the Director, are “evil clown Republicans” (the equivalent of “yellow dog Democrats,” you know, will vote for any Republican, even an evil clown!) and seem more beholden to party than country. Perhaps the FBI is making a play to become the special security agency for a Trump Administration, seeing that virtually every former leader of the other agencies and departments of security plus every living ex-president is supporting Hillary. I’m not the first to smell the evil stench of J. Edgar Hoover.

Russia would rather have the vain and unstable Donald Trump as president of the nation serving as the largest impediment to Russian global aspirations.

The establishment wing of the Republican Party really doesn’t care what happens to the country, as long as taxes are cut even further on the incomes of the ultra-wealthy. They’re quite happy to continue bedding with racists and those who would deny women control over their own bodies if it means they can keep taking more and more of the country’s wealth.

As to the mainstream news media—I think their ultra-wealthy owners and operators realize that Trump is dangerously delusional, but fear Democratic control of both houses, which would bring the higher taxes on the wealthy that they would hate so much. They are therefore trying to thread the needle—say enough of the truth about Trump to keep him from winning, but falsely malign Clinton enough to keep her from achieving the landslide that will give Democrats control of the Senate and House.

You can see the mass media trying to get cute in the way they have adjusted their campaigns according to the changing spread in the polls. When Clinton had a healthy lead after the convention the mainstream media created false equivalencies, did not report Trump’s many lies, underplayed Trump scandals and gave Trump spokespersons free reign. When the race got close, they started calling the Trumpites on their lies and exaggerations, were more complimentary of Hillary Clinton and focused on Trump’s sexual assaults. After the debates in which Clinton trounced Trump and widened her lead to a landslide, the mainstream news media once again started giving favorable coverage to Trumpty-Dumpty and paying too much attention to yet the latest iteration in the longest running non-scandal in history, Hillary’s emails.

We know what the FBI and Russia want. We know what Republicans want. And we know what the news media wants.

The question is, what do the American people want?

A seasoned competent leader with the most progressive agenda in American history or a mentally unbalanced, racist sexual assaulter with no real knowledge of the issue whose program will bankrupt the country, send the global economy into a depression and gut the middle class?



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