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Media covers flawed survey without revealing the flaw just so they can keep opposition to global warming in the news.

First the sad news: A study released yesterday by the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication found that only about half of approximately 570 television weathercasters surveyed believe that global warming is occurring and fewer than a third

Believers that Obama is socialist, Muslim and anti-Christ use false evidence and illogical reasoning.

I usually don’t analyze the comments people leave on my blog, mainly because there is usually nothing much to say except, “Thanks for the kind words.”  I do want to spend a few paragraphs looking at what someone named Tom

Survey shows lies that permeate Republican thinking; how it’s distributed symbolizes the death of print.

The news media was full of a very scary Louis Harris poll yesterday, a poll, by the way, that wasn’t supposed to be officially announced until today.  Some examples of stories about the survey:  “Poll: Most Republicans think Obama is a

Friskies is telling us to turn our pet cats into 60’s hippies by feeding them its cat food

One of the most inventive TV commercials in a long time is the “Feed your senses” spot for Friskies cat food.  At the opening of a can of Friskies, a cat steps through a silver hole that represents the can

The ideological subtext of just accepting that unregulated market forces rule the textbook publishing industry.

Most of the first round of hand-ringing about the Texas Board of Education’s decision to infuse inaccuracies in social science textbooks is over.  I’ve noticed a very interesting fact about the comments in the main stream news media.  Here is

Instead of telling us about issues or the money mismatch, NPR prefers a game of “gotcha” in which both sides lose.

In every metropolitan region and nationally we have media of record, generally the largest daily newspaper and the most news-oriented radio and TV stations in cities.  Nationally, it’s the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, the network news

Who will actually report and generate the news if newspapers die?

Most news stories are second hand, which can mean one of several things: The story is reprinted from another media or a wire service such as Associated Press. The story is reconfigured using the facts and images from another story,

What tea-partiers don’ realize is that fixing sewers, roads and schools takes money and that means taxes.

Yesterday was “Fix the Sewers” day in the news media.  A front-page New York Times story presented the sad story of many municipalities and water districts with need of making major repairs to sewer and water lines first laid more

Right-wing changes to the Texas curriculum are “business as usual” when it comes to teaching kids about history.

The weekend brought the news that conservatives had injected pro-Republican, pro-Christian values into the social studies curriculum standards for Texas public schools, in many cases rewriting or retouching history.  The right-wingers were also able to block every attempt others made

The pro-gun army is showing its weapons and battling gun control laws. Time to push back.

Everywhere across the country, groups are aggressively asserting their rights to carry arms and trying to overturn or roll back existing gun laws.  Is it a coordinated movement generously funded by special interests?  Or is it a sudden upwelling of