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Some final notes on the upcoming election and a reminder to hold your nose and vote for the Democrat

Meg Whitman’s spending to win election as Governor of California is now up to $162 million, which the Associated Press reports is more than Al Gore spent on his 2000 election campaign for president of the entire country, not just

Call for nominations for OpEdge’s Ketchup Award, named after the condiment Reagan officials called a vegetable serving.

Many people act as if they really believe the first line to St. John’s gospel, “In the beginning was the word.”  They think by using a word or phrase they can create or deform the reality being described or make

Virginia decides to keep a 4th-grade history book that contains a big lie about the Civil War.

I’m guessing that by this point, a lot of OpEdge readers have seen the news that a new history book that the Virginia Department of Education has approved for use in 4th grade passes off the bold-faced lie that thousands

Another example of a mainstream media outlet lying in the headline and first paragraph of a news report.

Once again, a news report tells a lie in the headline and first paragraph before giving the true story in the article.  First let’s analyze the article in question, after which we’ll take a look at why such an approach

We should be asking more of business owners and executives than merely creating wealth for themselves.

I’ve been thinking lately about the idea of business ethics, and specifically about the actions that ethical business owners should and should not take in the course of running their businesses.  I’m not talking about what’s legal, but instead about

New York Times pities poor Japan, victim of too much investment in jobs and down to third largest economy in the world.

On the front page of this Sunday’s New York Times, Martin Fackler strings together a series of anecdotes of decline and relative depravation to prove the point of his headline, “Japan Goes From Dynamic to Disheartened.”  The time frame, of

Where are all the economists studying economic systems in which the population shrinks?

Growth is not always good. Sometimes it’s a malignant cancer that will kill an individual.  Sometimes it leads to eradication of resources, which causes extinction of a species, or as we are seeing now, many species. Yet every economist whose

News media avoids report on possible illegal activities of a right-wing group that denies global warming.

In a world in which a small-town preacher threatening to burn the Koran and accusations that a candidate hired an illegal alien get reported  by tens of thousands of media outlets for days on end, how extensive do you think

Maybe I was wrong to wonder why the white working class acts against its own best interest. Maybe it’s just the American way.

Last week I wrote about an Associated Pres-GfK study that shows that the only racial-social group in which the majority prefers Republicans is the white working class.  I pointed out that in supporting Republicans, working class whites act against their

USA Today says we have more people left of center than right of center. Try telling that to the rest of mainstream media.

The “cover story” in yesterday’s USA Today, which I read only when offered no other choice by a hotel in which I’m staying, was its poll that found that slightly more people are left of center than right of center.