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Why do “working class whites” continue to vote against their own best interests?

It’s truly befuddling to me why the group labeled working class whites continue to prefer Republican candidates. The results of the latest Associated Press-GfK survey says that this group favors Republicans 58% to 36% of Democrats, an incredible 22% margin. 

After giving expanded coverage to Beck rally, media puts a same-sized rally of left-centrists on the back burner.

Many of you probably won’t know that on this past Saturday, labor unions, the NAACP and hundreds of other liberal-centrist and progressive groups rallied in Washington in support of liberal economic policies, President Obama and Democratic candidates in the November

With one PR blunder, Meg Whitman may have wiped out $120 million in election spending.

Let’s say one subgroup who represented 18% of all voters all cast their ballot against one candidate, which in the United States would usually mean they cast their vote for the one other candidate.  That means that the candidate against