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An “It can’t happen here” approach to nuclear-generated electricity will ensure that it does.

As we all know by now, the Fukushima plant’s inability to withstand natural forces has resulted in the poisoning of water and land in the surrounding area and the emission of radiation into the atmosphere that is now detected in

Front page Times article on Wal-Mart exemplifies major propaganda technique: selection of facts to distort reality

The front page of Saturday’s New York Times displayed an egregious example of perhaps the most utilized propaganda technique other than the big lie: selection of details, facts or experts to distort reality.  It works best, as in the Times

Over time, derogatory labels such as nerd and queer warp, transform and become terms of pride.

Ian Simpson gave a very reasoned response to my recent blog entry about anti-intellectualism in mass culture.  His comment regarded the word, “nerd”: “The term ‘nerd’ is often worn as a badge of honor these days by a substantial subset

For the third time in a decade, American can think of nothing better to do than start a war.

I’m not going to mince words: It was a grave mistake for our country to lead a military action against the forces of Libya’s ruler since 1969, Muammar Gaddafi.  And after the debacles of Iraq and Afghanistan, it was also

Nuclear power advocates make illogical comparison to hydroelectric and coal plant accidents

When a Guy Chapman responded to my blog entry on ending nuclear-generated electricity by citing a 1975 Chinese Dam accident in which 26,000 died and another 140,000 may have starved to death later, I thought I would ignore it.  But

Mass media barrages young people with messages that even if school is good, learning is not.

I like to collect examples of the ideological subtext hidden in mass media documents such as TV shows, advertisements, movies, cartoons and news stories.  Today I would like to share some recent examples of one ideological message embedded in the

Mother Nature reminds us to stop messing around with nuclear generation of electricity.

At the time of this writing, we have just learned that the heroic efforts of Japanese nuclear-generated electrical power workers have failed and the last remaining workers have evacuated the Fukushima nuclear power plant.  It seems all but certain that

If you click through 157 slides, Parade’s list of what people earn reveals that you need to own a business to get rich

I always love to peruse the photos, jobs and wages of the 150 or so people that Parade Magazine features in its annual review of people’s wages in the United States.  This year, only a sampling of the featured made it

News media help those who want to cut important programs to outshout those who want to raise taxes.

Am I a delusional paranoid liberal, seeing a conspiracy in every corner? Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten the subjective impression that our elected officials and other leaders on all levels of government were inundating the marketplace of ideas

Why would Direct TV create an ad in which the logic makes one want to not buy the service no matter what?

Sometimes the logic in an ad backfires by creating a situation in which no matter what the viewer concludes, the astute thing to do is not buy the product or service.  Take, for example, the current Direct TV “reading of