Monthly Archives: October 2011

Parade scores a hat trick of American ideology with Ellen DeGeneres Halloween issue

The cover of yesterday’s Parade showed Ellen DeGeneres holding a giant lit-up pumpkin. The headline read “Happy Halloween from Ellen DeGeneres.”  Inside was an article that essentially was an interview of the terminally nice Ellen. The secondary headline was: “Our

Jobs did as much to keep adults acting like children as Disney, of which he was the largest shareholder

The death of Steve Jobs led to a tidal wave of sympathetic news coverage. Jobs the entrepreneur. Jobs the visionary. Jobs the entertainer. Jobs the philanthropist. Jobs the college dropout who showed those pointy heads that college isn’t needed (while

Congressional study shows rich have taken a large slice of the economic pie away from poor and middle class

Don’t feel embarrassed if you don’t know that a Congressional Budget Office study now confirms what so many other research studies have been telling us for years: that since 1979 there has been a redistribution of income and wealth up

Banks turn away cash: another sign we should raise taxes and stimulate economy

Banks have too much cash and are taking actions to discourage savers from making more deposits. So reports The New York Times on its front page this morning. Both big national banks and small community banks are concerned that they

Nocera’s tale of Robert Bork neglects Bork’s firing of Watergate prosecutor rather than resigning as others did

Over the weekend New York Times opinion columnist Joe Nocera went for a propaganda hat trick: At one time he tried to rewrite history, rehabilitate rightwing jurist Robert Bork and place blame for the politicizing of court confirmations on Democrats.

Media coverage of end of Iraqi War leaves out important information, like how many Iraqis died

It has been absolutely amazing to see the uniformity of coverage by the mainstream news media of President Obama’s announcement that virtually all U.S. troops and mercenaries will be out of Iraq by the end of the year.  It was

Another bad idea from the lone star state: only serving prisoners two meals a day on weekends

It’s one bad idea after another coming from the state of Texas over the past few years: First its governor said that Texas had the legal right to secede from the United States and might do it under certain conditions.

Only two presidential looking candidates at Las Vegas debate: a “friendly fascist” and a child of the ruling elite.

In yesterday evening’s umpteenth debate between the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, Mitt Romney followed all the rules that my public relations firm teaches executives for controlling contentious public situations: He insisted that everyone follow the rules, he was

Herman Cain’s success in the polls is baffling, especially since no one is asking “Is Cain able?”

After excoriating Michele Bachmann and Cowboy Rick Perry, at least symbolically, when they first began to make noises in the polls, I initially decided to hold my silence for a while about Herman Cain, the latest Republican right-wing flavor of

Tabloids depict Occupy Wall Street as sex-and-drug-fueled orgy. Are they outraged or envious?

Imagine Woodstock 1969 with worse music and more sex and drugs. Many tabloid newspapers like The Daily Mail and The New York Post did just that this week and called it Zuccotti Park. The Mail story was particularly scurrilous, claiming