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Take an Opedgy look at arts and performance with Mark Franko’s new blog at OpEdge

OpEdge is expanding into the performing and other arts by offering a new blog titled “OpEdgy Arts & Performance,” written by distinguished choreographer and dance scholar, Mark Franko. On an occasional basis, Mark will write on various aspects of the

Pundits want Chinese to save the world by making our mistake and developing a consumer economy

One of the recurring subthemes in the news lately has been the need for China to develop a consumer economy.  The latest to exhort the Chinese and their consumers about their frugal ways is The New York Times in a

Department of Homeland Security wastes millions of bucks rechecking people and luggage

Our trip to France ended on a dyspeptic note in its very last phase. After enjoying the comforts of French culture, cuisine and superb organizational skills for 16 days, we stepped into the paranoid world of the U.S. Department of

Unions announce backing for Occupy Wall Street and immediately POTUS and his VP jump into the fray

The Occupy Wall Street movement got a big boost this week when organized labor decided to get involved.  Members of several New York unions came out to Wednesday’s demonstrations and national unions expressed their support.  The intervention of the AFL/CIO

For Occupy Wall Street to have lasting impact, we must use democratic processes to break link between big money and law-making

As a former student protestor against the Viet Nam War and for civil rights, I sympathize with and applaud the Occupy Wall Street protestors in lower Manhattan and elsewhere across the country.  As an ardent admirer of Mahatma Gandhi and

Do Rick Perry’s misinformed statements about global warming make him stupid or merely cynical?

When you say, “I think” or “I believe,” you haven’t really told a lie, since it’s what you “believe.”  So we can’t call Texas Governor Rick Perry a liar for having said over the weekend that he thinks that limiting