You always hurt the one you love: Why I pick on the New York Times.

In reviewing the first four months of my blog, I have noted my tendency to pick on the New York Times.  Why, you may ask?  Even if you don’t care, read on and make me feel good:

  1. The Times is still the national newspaper of record and its articles end up in hundreds of other newspapers and on hundreds if not thousands of websites.  Even in the age of radio demagoguery, that makes the Times one of the most influential voices in our various national dialogues.  The Times is still one of the very few media that define the terms of our national conversations.
  2. The right-wing of the news media typically hold the Times up as the number one example of the liberal-leftist bend of the main stream news media.  My analysis, however, consistently shows the New York Times as right of center, especially in ideological subtext. 
  3. I’ve been reading the New York Times daily since before Barry Bonds, who shares my birthday, was born.  Reading it over a cup of tea or coffee has been one of my morning rituals for decades.  It saddens me to see the Times chase the right-wing as it has done over the past 10 years, and it saddens me to see its standards of journalism decline in both large ways (do you remember Judith Miller’s false evidence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction?) and small ones (all of the pop science articles that are cluttering up the Tuesday “Science” section).
  4. Although I have picked it on occasion, the Wall Street Journal is inherently less interesting because you know where it stands on issues.  The Wall Street Journal uses many propaganda tricks in its writing, especially in editorials, but you already know they are supporting conservative positions in economics and the right wing on values issues.  The Times has a greater reputation for fairness and impartiality, but to a large degree that reputation is unearned.
5 comments on “You always hurt the one you love: Why I pick on the New York Times.
  1. mbt says:

    Keep up the amazing work!! I love how you wrote this and I also like the colors here on this site. did you create this yourself or did you outsource it to a coder??

  2. Thanh Ortegon says:

    Bookmarked your site. Appreciation for sharing. Definitely worth the time from my reports.

  3. This country is far from beaten. What the brit hasn’t seen is the sleeping anger that american citizens build just before they put their boots on and go to kicking. Our government has foolishly tested those lines this time and it won’t be forgotten.

  4. Fine Food says:

    thanks for that

  5. paul sheldon says:

    I also am a long time reader of the NYTimes, and I agree with what you are saying about the newspaper. The paper is in a financial bind, and as a result they are trying to appeal to a wider range of readers and at the same time the quality has deteriorated. But it is still the best thing we’ve got as a national newspaper in this country. I am now totally paperless and read the “paper” online. It’s better for the pocketbook and the environment. After a bit of adjustment, I find this to be very satisfactory (better than I had expected). The good news is that the online comments and blogs are an incredible addition to the traditional newspaper. I often find these resources to be better than the original article. I contribute my own posts and thereby can participate in the on-going dialogue. This helps compensate somewhat for the fact that, frankly, essentially no one reads our blogs. I even make double duty of some of my NYTimes posts by posting them on my blog at

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